Friends of #Play14 – Interview with Yann Gensollen

Because games involves our emotions, they are the best tool to help people to trick their mind in a situation of change

#Play14 is an unconference: the programme will be defined by the participants who are free to sumbmit contents and to decide the schedule.
While remaining faithful to the unconference format, in this Milan 2016 edition we will be emphasising the “cultural contamination” concept. Therefore, we have invited people with different backgrounds and skills, who share a strong interest in gaming as a business tool.

We have createt the #Play14 Friends programme in order to involve trainers, coaches, agile coaches, scrum masters and all kinds of agilists, psychotherapists, UX experts, Improvisational theatre actors, musician and so on…

Serious games as change management tools

 #play14 – In this episode of Friends of Play14, we meet Yann Gensollen, agile coach and facilitator. First of all Yann, would you like to introduce yourself? could you tell us something about you, about your work…

Yann – I have been involved in agile transformations in small, medium and large companies during the last few years. And to make the Agile happen, the best of my energy has been involved in managing the transition for people, dealing with their fears, their resistance to change, their desires (or non-desire sometimes), and their expectations.

#play14  – What is serious gaming for you and for your job?

Yann – In this change processes, the fact is that it is useless to be rational. All those things reside in emotions. That is why I think we should use games as much as possible in this type of situations : games and metaphors allow people to experiment new situations and associate them to pleasant times, or, at least, safe times. When I had the opportunity to use them, managing some organizational changes with games always gave very good results.

Play14 – What you will  bring at the unconference?

Yann – In order to describe my mindset in participating to such event, I would tell you that I will bring some food and drinks from my country in order to share with the other participants. Apart from the metaphor, I will come with my specificities and of course with openess in order to give AND receive as much as possible.


#play14 – how would you like to greet our friends play14? what can we expect from your participation in Milan

Yann – As I am also co-organizer of #play14 Luxembourg, I can tell you: be prearared to be surprised, that is the motto of Open Spaces and unconferences, the self-organized format used in all #play14 editions. I hope that you will, like me at the first time, be surprised by the format, the mindset and all the good energy that make the reputation of #play14 events. I hope to see you there!