Friends of #Play14 – Interview with Pierre Neis

Guys and girls, be prepared for the biggest emotional kick of your professional life or like I love to do Goooooooooooddddd Moooooorrrrrninggg MILANOOOOOO!!!!!

#Play14 is an unconference: the programme will be defined by the participants who are free to sumbmit contents and to decide the schedule.
While remaining faithful to the unconference format, again for the Milan 2017 edition we will be emphasising the “cultural contamination” concept. Therefore, we have invited people with different backgrounds and skills, who share a strong interest in gaming as a business tool.

We created the #Play14 Friends programme in order to involve trainers, coaches, agile coaches, scrum masters and all kinds of agilists, psychotherapists, UX experts, improvisational theatre actors, musician and so on…

Serious games as change management tools

#play14 – In this episode of Friends of Play14, we meet Pierre Neis, Agile Coach & Organisation Architect. First of all Pierre would you like to introduce yourself?

Pierre – So, I´m a multi-cultural (French-German) field worker. It’s quite hard for me to introduce myself in writing because I do prefer joking. In a more seriously manner I´m involved in a couple of initiatives which I’m very proud of like Play14, Agile4HR, Agile Digital Enterprise, Agile Animal Farm… and much more others which I’m not really proud of and I will quiet now. To define myself, you need to know where I’m coming from. Coming from doesn’t mean what my diplomas or certifications are, but everything that made me being who I am today and my beliefs: with 23 I had a plan, with 33 the plan wasn’t valid anymore and everything changed since then and, cross finger, will continue to change.

Being an agile coach is not a job for me, it’s just who I am, how I feel myself. I believe that agile has nothing to do with tools, techniques, engineering or culture, it’s all about behaviour, how you interact with the system, with other humans.

Now, in a more pragmatical approach, I do working a lot, travelling a lot, having great customers but still focus on the people I meet.

Pierrre in action at Agile Lebanon while playing the AgileReloaded’s game AgileGrammelot

#play14 –could you tell us something about your work…

Pierre – My work. Until February 2017, I helped SAP in their Agile Transition by supporting 2 top 10 programs as a Scrum Coach. Beside of this activity, I do help Private Banks in their Digital transition, Service Providers to interact with those Private Banks and Global Players to improve their organisation in a more agile way. I still had holes in my agenda, so I created agile² GmbH to contain these activities and attract other senior coaches to collaborate (most of them are Play14 mates). Like all workaholics, I do also co-organising others thing, like the Lean Kanban France conference and acting as a partner in the Upward Consulting company in Lebanon.

In my daily routine, I do interacting a lot with the development teams and coach the executives and the business to get an enlarged team. To get the things done, I use facilitation and games all the time to speed up the knowledge.

My work isn´t a work for me, it´s my passion.

#play14 – What is serious gaming for you and for your job?

Pierre – Serious gaming is the simulation metaphor to collaborate. Games are just a great communication device brining people together to learn, experiment, understand and align. I use serious games everyday in my job. The games are huge part of training activities, it’s how we experiment the theory and then improvement occurs from this experiment. Every meeting starts with an burn up and closes with a debrief in a gaming mode. Games are very useful in analysis by pushing our fears out and get a consensus to start moving forward. Games are great to manage hard stuff by avoiding blaming and clear communication.
Games are the difference in the facilitation, this makes the difference between a good meeting and a great meeting.

In my job, I created several frameworks using the power of games and a gamification process like PlöRK or Agile Digital Enterprise. Through these frameworks, I experienced the power of facilitation where you can easily avoid to loose time to define the traditional Roles and Responsibilities by letting flow in the cadence from one game to an other.

#play14 – What you will bring at the unconference?

Pierre – I’ll bring myself and my body bad ideas. But in a more serious manner, I’ll come to discover new games and interpretation linked with your culture. And, as usual, I’ll bring some of my favourite games and I intend to develop new games.

#play14 – how would you like to greet our friends play14? what can we expect from your participation in Milan

Pierre – Guys and girls, be prepared for the biggest emotional kick of your professional life or like I love to do Goooooooooooddddd Moooooorrrrrninggg MILANOOOOOO!!!!!